Anna Lengstrand



I have loved Sámi bracelets my whole life… I have worn them since I was a young girl and one of my favourite things to do was watching my aunt make bracelets. It feels absolutely amazing to be able to work with something that I truly believe in and are very passionate about. I’m representing my whole family, our Pokka blood, the traditions and culture. I’m tying my heritage from back home to what I do here in Canada today, the life that I live here… Sámi people are people of the wind and the sun. Wherever we go, all over Earth, we will be greeted and supported by the sun and the wind. They will always follow our path… I really feel supported and at home here in the Canadian Coastal mountains.

For me, my jewelry is my way to express identity. To stand up for what I believe in. It’s bond back to my family’s roots… a bond with nature. I’m weaving my indigenous Sámi roots together with my present life here in BC as I work the tin thread. I’m building a bridge between traditional and modern times. This heart project of mine, that I call Simply Sámi, is bigger than the jewelry that I’m making… It’s about preserving our handcraft and traditional cultures world wide. By making Sámi bracelets I’m keeping this old indigenous tradition alive wherever I go and also spread the awareness about Sámi culture to a wider audience. I want to create jewelry that reconnect people with the power of nature, just as it has been traditionally

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