Anna Lengstrand




There's a lot to a person... We all have a lot of and’s. We are all complex beings. I’m a photographer and model. Jewelry designer and food chemist. Nutritionist and plant powered. Horse woman and skier. Mountain biker and yogi. Swedish and Canadian resident. Traveller yet a real home lover... There is so much to life.... I'm thrilled to be on this journey with all it’s crazyness

I was born in Sweden in the mid 80s. Raised by a strong and independent mountain woman. Nature and animals have always been a natural part of my life, and I have chosen to live a life based on these values and interests. Today I live in beautiful and very scenic Pemberton, BC in Canada on my own horse ranch. My home is very close to nature and raw wilderness. I’m surrounded by animals, both my own and wild ones. I can live my days very flexible and in harmony with nature. Just the way I love it!

Here are some samples of days from my life found on my Instagram profile:


Anna Lengstrand

Pemberton, BC, CANADA