Anna Lengstrand



In October 2008 my photo blog was nominated "best photo blog" in one of Sweden's biggest blog awards. This was the stage that I slowly began realizing people's appreciation in my style of photography. This award pushed me to work even harder at my passion. After couple of photography studies at photographer Göran Ekeberg's in 2009, I decided I was ready to bring my photography skills to another level. Today the foremost intention is working with different styles of portraits and lifestyle images. I focus on capturing stories, atmosphere, feelings, and environments shot with a reality-mixed-with-dream presentation.

I mainly find inspirations in the wilderness, photo journalism, travels, and fashion. While colour photos tend to reflect "reality" as we perceive it, black and white monochrome photographs provides a more abstract presentation. I find black and white photography very intriguing because it encourage the photographer to put more emphasis on composition, expression, patterns and texture. However, I do shoot colour images too and I prefer soft colours with a lot of natural light. I love when people say that I'm good at capturing the inner energy and vibration, the soul. Freeze people in a moment of peacefulness. I hope they're right, that'd be the biggest achievement.

Besides shooting photographs, I also model. I prefer to be portrayed as my untamed self. I've previously modelled both fashion and action sports (snowboarding, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, yoga and trail running). For acting/commercial video shoots please contact my agent Eva Georg at KC Talent in Vancouver (evag at kctalent dot com). 



located in pemberton, british columbia, canada